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STUDIOMURLÏ is a space made to nurture a love for storytelling, speculative design and the urge to explore the patterns of reality as we know it.   


As an artist, my goal is to create work that evokes emotion and tells a story. I'm compelled to make art that explores what I can't explore in my day to day. Taboos, unfamiliar spaces, invisible habits, glorious imaginings and secret thoughts. I have a hunch that these are things that others want to explore too. 


All the art works are original creations. They often start as little sketches or notes in one of my many sketchbooks, before they are developed into eclectic print-ready art.

Join my adventure and let me be a part of yours. 

Remember: This world is more alchemy than science.

Peace and love,


Get in touch

Ask me about commissions, custom print sizes, collaborations etc.


I will get back to you shortly unless I'm out on an expedition, in which case I will get back to you right after.

- Murlï

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