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As Murlï continued his exploration, he discovered a peculiar sight—a light pink hare with four ears. This creature, unlike anything he had ever encountered, moved with a delicate agility, its keen senses attuned to the subtleties of its surroundings. The hare's presence spoke of adaptation and resilience, a testament to the wonders of nature's diversity. Murlï marveled at its uniqueness, recognizing the infinite possibilities that lay within the realm of the unknown.

Benji & Aryan

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On the outskirts of the savannah, Murlï encountered a captivating spectacle—a couple of vibrant pink crabs meandering through a dried-up bed of luminescent corals. The corals emitted a soft, otherworldly glow, like embers from a forgotten fire, illuminating the path of these mesmerizing creatures. With each graceful movement, the crabs seemed to dance to a melody only they could hear, evoking a sense of harmony with their luminescent surroundings.


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Venturing further into the depths of the savannah, Murlï's curious eyes caught sight of a breathtaking sight—a glowing mountain goat. Perched upon a rocky precipice in the jungle, its luminous fur illuminated the night with a celestial radiance. The goat possessed an air of serenity and wisdom, as if it held the secrets of the ancient mountains within its very being. Murlï stood in awe, mesmerized by the ethereal glow that surrounded this mystical creature, a true embodiment of the untamed wonders that lay hidden within.

Gbemi & Tapasya

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Continuing his nocturnal odyssey, Murlï found himself in a meadow aglow with a kaleidoscope of multi-colored flowers. Amidst this tapestry of beauty, he stumbled upon a majestic creature—a two-headed cat. Its eyes, each of a different hue, shimmered with ancient wisdom, seemingly attuned to the hidden rhythms of this parallel realm. The feline's presence exuded an air of enchantment, as if it were a guardian of secrets, bestowed with a profound understanding of the mystic forces at play.

Otis, Kumi, Sveta & Alan

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Venturing deeper into the heart of the savannah, Murlï's path intersected with a wondrous gathering of ostriches. Their plumage, adorned with shades of blue and patterns of vibrant orange, contrasted against the night's obsidian canvas. With regal grace, they navigated their surroundings, their powerful legs carrying them through the grasslands in a synchronized dance of elegance. Murlï stood in awe, captivated by the harmonious interplay of colors and the untamed majesty of these magnificent creatures

Terrence & McKenna

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His journey reached its crescendo deep within the heart of the savannah, where he beheld a two-headed chimpanzee. The primate, with serene composure, nibbled on glowing berries, their luminescence casting a gentle radiance upon its wise countenance. The chimpanzee seemed to possess an innate understanding of the interconnectedness that bound all living beings—a silent reminder that wisdom transcends the boundaries of form and manifests itself in the most unexpected ways.
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