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Deva & Devi

Lost in his quest to find

a friend, Murlï stumbled

upon a mysterious city.


Towering walls held enchanting tales etched in their very essence, beckoning closer inspection. Murlï found himself spellbound by the intricate details that unfolded before his eyes—a pantheon of god-like figures immortalized in stone. 


A Deva of chaos, life's wild ride,

With neon bananas, and elephants beside.

Embrace the energy, the boundless thrill,

As life's journey we eagerly fulfill.

A tree sprouts from the forehead, a mystical sight, Balancing inner and outer, day and night.

A celebration of Leela's grand hue,

Transformation's tale, adventure anew.

In exhilarating chaos, our spirits dance,

A vibrant ode to life's wild expanse.

Let's revel in the colors that paint our days,

In the deva's embrace, find our own maze.

"Going Bananas" asks a question profound,

Of life's journey, where beauty is found.


At the end of things, behold "Sarvagni" divine,

A Devi bridging realms, both earthly and sublime.

Drawing from ancient wisdom, profound and deep,

She symbolizes creation's culmination, secrets to keep.

A portrait of contemplation, inviting us to reflect,

On the mysteries that lie beyond, profound and unchecked.

Transcending the physical, into metaphysical space,

She guides us to realms where truth finds its place.


A gateway to new dimensions, unknown and vast,

Where the tangible dissolves, and eternity is cast.

Ponder the depths, the enigmatic and unseen,

In "Sarvagni's" presence, where realities convene.

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